Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Quick Note On Purchasing Materials

I don't think there's anything better than the feeling of buying materials for a project. Be it 1500 scales for a set of scale maille gloves for a friend's LARP character (they arrived today, I am very excited and very much looking forward to getting started on that project!) or finding an absolute bargain on material to make ritual props.

I should mention at this point that rituals are like mini plays with the aim of making items or giving people magic powers at LARP. No religious groups were offended in the making of these items.

Today I went to my little wool and fabric shop and found the *softest* acrylic yarn to make the gloves with and while I was there I discovered lots of very cheap fabric in red, orange and yellow. Cue much dancing around the house waving around fabric and proclaiming "Look, lovely husband, I made fire! You should have more fire!" Lovely husband is used to such outbursts and of course aided me in my waving and flouncing with fabric-fire. Who needs TV?

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